Quick recover from ankle injury in athlete


Hello, BodyRub has really helped me a lot, so I am writing to thank you. I do professional athletics and occasionally play tennis. Due to an ankle injury, I was out of training for 1.5 months, any sport was out of the question and I had to follow a rest regime. I had already hurt it once and it took quite a long time for the ankle and achilles to get back to normal. When we started rehab, my friend and physical therapist brought the BodyRub and recommended me to use it on my ankle and all the way around, including the heel, every day. Once I could start putting weight on the foot, I also used it before practice and at night. I am absolutely convinced that the BodyRub made me recover much sooner, it was amazingly relaxing and I could load my foot much faster than expected. I take it everywhere with me. Not having to apply it with your hands is a great extra bonus. Thank you again so much, may you have a great time.

Kristýna, Brno