It helped me with back pain caused by cold during cycling


I used BodyRub for back pain, it literally saved me. I do a lot of sports and I'm used to physical load. To relax, I go cycling with my girlfriend. If you, like me, do not intend to ride with a spare t-shirt and raincoat, it may happen that when the temperature drops by 10 ° C and a pretty icy wind blows on your wet back, you will finish your trip with chattering teeth and you will most likely fall off rather than get off the bike. In the evening I couldn't move at all and I was worried that my vacation was completely spoilt. I wouldn't have believed that there could be an ointment to help me recover. I wondered what my coach would say if I dropped out of the team and how long it would take to get rid of my back pain. Luckily, my girlfriend took BodyRub and forced me to try it... The willingness to surrender to a woman sometimes pays off :-). She applied BodyRub to my lower back, where it was probably the worst. Well, I felt like I was burned. But in the morning it was great. Not 100%, but I could move and do all the activities. The next day we repeated the process, and that was enough. I give BodyRub the thumbs up both for exercise and for cycling.