A colleague recommended it to me before the mountain bike race


I accidentally tried BodyRub last autumn. I've had problems with my shoulder for a long time and I've been treating it with a bunch of various ointments. A colleague used BodyRub as a brand-new stuff at the mountain bike race. It was a solid pull-out stick which he applied to his thighs and buttocks before the start. My shoulder hurt, so I tried it and I was okay during the race. It sure helped me. I can't imagine applying it to my hairy legs, I'm not a pro and I don't shave my legs, but it is great on the shoulder and back. For my legs I bought a spray, and it seems to work really fast, I would even say that it is stronger than the stick. I've already recommended it to some people, but it's hard to get. I got it at e-sportshop.cz

Martin, Prague