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BodyRub Professional Sport - Stick and Spray
BodyRub Professional Sport - Stick and Spray

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BODYRUB are extremely strong massage products for muscles and joints designed especially for athletes. They quickly relieve muscle and joint pain and, due to their unique composition, contribute to a rapid start, high performance, and fitness. 

BODYRUB are used both after physical activity and before physical activity as a prevention of injuries (training, competitions). They are applied to the skin in an effort to achieve deep blood circulation, restore microcirculation, and relieve muscle spasms and pain. 

BODYRUB contains substances that contribute to tissue regeneration after intense physical activity and is a great help in rehabilitation after sports injuries. 

Don´t let pain stop you

Take care of your muscles, joints, ligaments, and insertions

Exclusive formula Hot & Cold

There’s no need to choose between a heating or cooling product. Due to the high percentage of active ingredients,one product can provide both heating and cooling effect depending on your body needs. Do you have a joint condition? Get a spray with joint nutrition.

Fast action

Speed matters. How long does it take from application to kick-in? BodyRub is applied in a few seconds. After several minutes you can feel the effect, which lasts for hours. First, use the Spray for a rapid start. Then apply the Stick to intensify the effect.

Target the affected area

Local application provides the targeted effect. The shortest way. Due to the exceptional composition of ingredients, the active substances not only work on the skin surface, but also penetrate deeply into the tissue.

Regeneration after exercise

The fast effect and restoration of microcirculation in the muscles will shorten the regeneration time and get you back on your feet. Swelling, bruising and pain? BodyRub is the first aid in the field.

Train hard

Prepare your muscles for high loads and eliminate injuries. When you warm up, you stimulate blood flow in your muscles. BodyRub supports blood circulation, so it enhances your effort.

Mess-free application

BodyRub is strong and does not need to be rubbed with your hands. Just open and apply. No additional massage is needed, so your hands will always stay clean. And that’s what you need!

All athletes have something in common

No matter what sport you do, you only have one body, and you want it to work.

You always want to prepare it for the load, you always want to rely on it, avoid injury, and regenerate it quickly to be ready for the next performance as soon as possible. Haven't you done it? What a pity!

How can BODYRUB help you take care of your body? Check the FAQs to find out.. 


We tried BodyRub in our karate club. Each of us uses something that works for us when it comes for muscles and joints, but the fact is that BodyRub works without a hand massage and that's great during matches when nobody wants to mess up their hands. The spray is extremely fast and both products work as it says in...
I used BodyRub for back pain, it literally saved me. I do a lot of sports and I'm used to physical load. To relax, I go cycling with my girlfriend. If you, like me, do not intend to ride with a spare t-shirt and raincoat, it may happen that when the temperature drops by 10 ° C and...
I've tried a solid stick recently - and I must say it's the bomb. Me and guys regularly play floorball and our knees have been through a lot. I used to play football in the district league. I haven't experienced anything stronger than BodyRub. I feel good about it, it really works as it is supposed to. I don't even...
I accidentally tried BodyRub last autumn. I've had problems with my shoulder for a long time and I've been treating it with a bunch of various ointments. A colleague used BodyRub as a brand-new stuff at the mountain bike race. It was a solid pull-out stick which he applied to his thighs and buttocks before the start. My shoulder hurt,...

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